The Wandering Maker, ABC, Riso and more...

Poster Design Workshop second-year HKU students Graphic Design, working on the ‘Manifest’ theme.

Typographic ABC workshop for 6 to 7 year-old children, with an introduction of the origine of our alphabet.

Workshop ‘Storytelling and bookmaking’ with a class full of 7-8 year old children. Creating a story together, one main character on a mission.

Riso skills course for first year HKU students. Creating type with analogue materials in two colors.

Poster design workshop. How to translate sound into print.

Three Day Workshop with 8-10 years olds. Design your own living creature, with all the features you would like to have yourself.

Workshop ceramics at the EKWC in Den Bosch by invitation of KCCM.

Presentation at the New York Art Book Fair of the publication ‘AA Vol. 3’ and ‘Fashioning Value, Undressing the Ornament’.

Riso type by first-year HKU students. Creating type with analogue materials.

Online talkshow with students Graphic Design.

Print, Book, Type, Publication, Exhibition.  


How To Make Sculpture Move, Type and Publication. Ruta Butkute and Emily Kocken. An installation and book presentation at Bradwolff Projects. Photos Natalia Sudova.

Perfect Pearl 完美的珍珠, Publication. Project by Tara Fallaux, text by Yining He and Lova Yu.

School of Verticality Posters, Bolzano. Project by Sophie Krier, photos by Jörg Oschmann.

AA, Vol. 3 Series about Ansel Adams, Publication. Project by Peter Happel Christian and Phillip Andrew Lewis.

Éloj Kréyol_Field Essays 55.3, Meanderings in the field of decolonial design, Publication. With dach&zephir, Lucy Cotter, Thomas Golsenne, André Lucrèce. Initiated and edited by Sophie Krier.

U Bevindt zich hier, Publication. Project by Martijn van de Griendt. Text by Connie Palmen, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, Joris van Casteren, Marcel van Roosmalen, Arnon Grunberg.

How To Make Sculpture Move, Type. A collaboration between artist Ruta Butkute and artist/writer Emily Kocken. An installation of new performative sculptures at Arti et Amitiae.

Who Told You So?!, The Collective Story vs. the Individual Narrative, Publication. Freek Lomme, Onomatopee.

Programma Rijksbrede Kunstvoorziening Rijksoverheid, Corporate Identity and publication.

Maria, I Need Your Lovin’, Publication. Project by Martijn van de Griendt.

Onomatopee, Bookshop, Interior Design. In collaboration with Dave Keune.

Iris van Herpen Johannes Vermeerprijs 2017, exhibition, Ministry of OCW.